Please Check Out Shannon's Shanonigins: Happy New Year GiveAway

Shannon's Shanonigins: Happy New Year GiveAway: "Well it's almost here, 2011.   Can you believe how time flies?  To remind us that everyday is a present, I couldn't resist t..."



"Quick and Awesome Chicken"

8 boneless, skinless breast halves
1 C. brown sugar
1 pt. (2 Cups) cream
1 C. white Port wine
1 C. apple puree
Apple slices
Sliced toasted almonds

Season the chicken with salt and pepper (I like a little celery salt, curry and nutmeg, too) Set to color gently in butter. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 15 min. slowly. When cooked remove and place on a serving dish to keep warm. Add the sugar and port to the cooking pan and reduce by half. Add the cream and apple puree and reduce by half again. Decorate the chicken with quarters of peeled
apple which have been brushed with butter and glazed under the grill. Then strain the sauce over and sprinkle with the sliced roasted almonds.
If you like your chicken very well done and more flavorful, bake it very low in some of the sauce without the cream. I remove the chicken to warmed plates, add the cream to heat through and finish as above.
I usually serve this with potatoes mashed with cream cheese or sour cream and seasoned with garlic and chives.
We also like grated carrots cooked gently in chicken broth, parsley and some grated onion served with butter, salt and pepper with this.


KC in the Kitchen: Holiday Give-Away for the Little Ones

KC in the Kitchen: Holiday Give-Away for the Little Ones: "Who doesn't remember Green Eggs and Ham? Can you even believe this is the 50th anniversary of Green Eggs and Ham? Well, just in time for the..."


iPad Giveaway!!!!

"I asked my hubby for an iPad for Christmas and he said that it was too costly right now and so this is the perfect chance for me to get my the gift I wanted anyways! I would love to be your winner Mandy! Congrats to you on 3 years of blogging! You've came a long way BABY!!!
Congrats Mandy and thanks for this awesome Giveaway!"