Health Benefits of Lemons

Citrus fruits are listed as “Super Foods” and also are listed in the “Top 10 Healthiest Foods”!

Antibacterial Effect: High in Vitamin C, lemons are very effective in treating and preventing infections. Studies show that the natural vitamin C, found in lemons, is much more effective than the synthetic one produced in labs that you would get if you took a supplement. Just one lemon has more than 100 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C, which may help increase "good" HDL cholesterol levels and strengthen bones.

Diuretic (Makes you Pee-Pee): Lemons are also an effective diuretic which helps to eliminate excess fluids. Besides cleansing toxins and bad bacteria, the natural diuretics found in the juice of lemons help prevent a host of problems associated with water retention, such as glaucoma, edema (swelling), high blood pressure and bloating.

Digestive Aid: Lemon juice mixed with hot water can cure digestion problems such as heartburn, constipation, nausea, intestinal worms and other disorders of the lower intestine. It’s also boosts the digestion of foods.
Lemons actually have an alkaline effect on the body, helping it fight symptoms of acidosis (which is too much acidity in blood and other body fluids).

Cardiovascular Health Benefits: Rich in potassium, lemons have a beneficial effect on the heart with loweing blood pressure and protects against stroke. Lemons are rich in bioflavonoids (a class of antioxidants). Bioflavonoids help strengthen the blood vessels which makes them less likely to rupture.

Sedative Effect: Not many people are aware of the calming effect that lemon juice and extracts can have on the nervous system. Lemon balms are often used to calm anxiety and balance the mind. While lemon juice mixed with coffee is a centuries-old natural remedy against headaches and migraines, the stress-reducing effects of lemon extracts are not yet fully acknowledged. Lemon balms have a calming effect, while lemon juice is believed to improve memory functions and alleviate palpitations.

Cancer prevention: Limonene (found in lemon peel) has anti-cancer properties.

Other Health Benefits of Lemons: Speeds up the body’s repair processes; it can be a great aid in healing sunburned skin! The high vitamin C content of lemons can stimulate calcium metabolism, enhancing calcium absorption and maintaining the health of the teeth and the bones. Vitamin C also helps the body produce the collagen so critical in supporting the connective tissue that preserves the youthful appearance of the skin
It is important, however, to dilute lemon juice with water before drinking it. Ingesting pure lemon juice, which has a high acid content, can damage the enamel of the teeth.

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